What Is Blocking Someone You Love? 3 What Best Thing To Do

You have been wondering why you should blocking someone you love, when they don’t treat you the way you deserve or want. Maybe you would like to punish them a bit, but you don’t want to hurt them, not this time anyway. But blocking someone you love is a hard choice you have to make, if it is your feelings being hurt.

Maybe you would like to think that once you held them accountable by blocking someone you love, they would change and treat you better. But, you know how that doesn’t work either. There really aren’t any good reasons for you to block a person when you still love them. You could just as easily unblock them even if you really do still love them.

What you may have seen on social media and other places is that blocking someone you love or even thinking about blocking someone you love is much more common than you might think. The reason is because relationships online work on a higher psychological level than in real life.

People are judged by their online social media profiles far more harshly than their offline interactions. Your ex-boyfriend is probably thinking about getting back together with you even though he hasn’t asked you yet. They are thinking about it in their spare time, which means they have given you plenty of opportunities to contact them first. But you haven’t done so thus far, which means he thinks blocking you is his best option.

But blocking someone you love isn’t going to solve anything. You have to remember that even though they aren’t directly talking to you anymore, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t thinking about you at all.

They might not be thinking about you while you are online chatting with someone, but they will surely be thinking about you and your relationship in their head. They can’t escape your existence in any way, can they? If you want to save a relationship, then you have to realize this fact and block the person permanently even if they haven’t asked you yet to be in the next chat.

So how does blocking someone you love work? It really depends on what you as a person wants. If you don’t feel like you should block that person, then you can do so if you think that it is healthy for you and the other person in question. If, on the other hand, you feel like you need to block the person for some type of reason, then you can do so.

Blocking someone you love works in the same manner as blocking someone you don’t like. If the person in question has done something that you are ashamed of and feels bad about, then it is okay for you to block that person from your life.

However, if the person in question has done something that you consider wrong or are in some way ashamed of, then blocking that person would not be a good idea. You may be able to salvage your relationship by ignoring the person, but blocking someone you love will definitely hurt the feelings of that person. It doesn’t matter whether or not the person in question deserved what was said to them, because no one is perfect and sometimes things get said that are not meant to be.

Blocking Someone You Love From Social Media – Blocking Someone You Love?

Being blocked by someone you love is likely one of the most difficult thing you’ll ever do in your lifetime. When you choose to block a person, what you’re really doing is throwing away your precious time that could have been spent with them.

You’re also denying them access to all sorts of information about you, which means that they don’t have a way to get in touch with you. All the time that they spend being blocked by you is time that could’ve been better spent interacting with you, whether it’s in a relationship or not.

Blocking Someone You Love
Blocking Someone You Love

If this person is someone who you love, then there are some things you can do that will help you unblock them and give you both the space you need. One thing that you can do when blocking someone you love is to make sure that the person never knows that you blocked them.

It’s actually easier to unblock someone if you don’t say anything to them, and then you keep your distance from them as much as possible.

For example, if your significant other has called you several times a day to tell you that they’re worried about something, but you never say anything, then blocking them altogether can be difficult because they might start to assume that you don’t care about them as much as they think. They might even start to feel bad about blocking you, so you want to make sure that they never feel bad about blocking you unless there’s an emergency.

Another thing that you can do when blocking someone you love from social media is to start forming a friendship with that person instead. If you’re used to being around your ex-boyfriend all the time, it can feel like a whole new world is opening up to you, and you might feel like you want to hang out more with him because of this.

You should never feel like you’re replacing your ex, and you should also try to form as many friendships as possible with other people in your life who are your friends in real life as well. This can really help you feel good about yourself and give your ex-boyfriend some space, too!

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