Does Silence Make a Man Miss You? Relationship Expert Answers the Question – Does Silence Make a Man Miss You?

Does silence make a man miss you? If you are in a long term, serious relationship, you are going to want to find out the answer to this question, so you can work on ways to improve your relationship. First, if he’s not talking to you as much as he used to, does this mean he has lost interest and he might be ready for more? There are other reasons that men might not talk to women as much as they use to, such as career, so you need to identify what is causing this to happen so you can change it.

Does Silence Make a Man Miss You Really?

How does silence make a man miss you? This question may arise in your mind if you have been wondering what does silence mean to men. It is a common misconception that men dislike having no contact with women. However, this is not true at all.

Does silence make a man miss you? Yes, silence does make a man miss you – particularly if he lost interest or began taking you for granted. In such cases, the silent treatment is nothing but the same thing as non-contact. Essentially, you attach negative repercussions to his action of either dumping, ghosting or rejection. But remember, you should not be worried about this.

When men give up their interests, they never make any attempt to contact you. Women don’t go for the approach of constantly chasing after men, making continuous calls or texts, visiting and begging them to take you back. Such attempts only end in pushing them away. But when they give up on the contact and simply stop talking to you-this is the time when you begin thinking: does silence make a man miss you? In short, if your man has stopped communicating with you, then chances are high that he doesn’t really want to miss you or he hasn’t given up on love with you yet.

This approach of avoiding contact may work to your benefit in the beginning. But eventually this approach makes you look desperate and needy. So how does silence make a man miss you? Here’s the deal: he can’t resist the temptation of interacting with you and he feels that by avoiding all contact he would somehow win you over and thus be able to touch your heart. This is a classic case of the “fling” rule – the more you try to avoid being around someone the more he feels attracted and interested in you.

Does Silence Make a Man Miss You
Does Silence Make a Man Miss You

But if you have moved on after several months of being gone, he may feel like he could push off the idea of another date if he really wants to. But what do you do if your ex still insists on meeting you? You could try breaking the ice with your ex. How does silence make a man miss you when there seems no other women who would feel like having a conversation with him?

The best way to break the ice with an ex is to give yourself time to adjust. Try cooling things down for at least a few weeks before you plan to meet again. During this time you can practice being single and see how it goes. This will prepare you both for the next stages of your breakup and will also help you figure out what went wrong in the first place and what changes need to be made in order to make your relationship better.

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