Ex Ignores Me But Watches My Stories

Many people ask “Why does my ex ignores me but watches my stories on social media?” And in this point you need to be carefull. Because if your ex is really lose interest for you it can be painfull for you. In this article we weill explain why does ex ignores me but watches my stories?

Why My Ex Ignores Me But Watches My Stories

When your ex ignores you but watches your stories, it can be confusing. You’re not sure if they’re still in love with you or if they’re just curious about what you’re doing now that the relationship is over.

Is it normal: My ex ignores me but watches my stories? It’s normal for people to take some time to process a breakup, and your ex may be in that stage right now. They might be trying to find closure or they might just be wishing you luck in the future.

My ex ignores me but watches my stories? They might be feeling jealous of you and your success, or they might just want to see how happy you are. It can be a confusing and heartbreaking situation to deal with, but it’s important to remember that you don’t owe your ex an explanation for why they’re watching your posts.

Using Instagram/Snapchat Story As a Spy

If your ex is constantly checking their social media accounts, it can be a sign that they’re looking for ways to keep tabs on you. This can be a good thing, as it can give them an idea of where you are in life.

The fact that they’re constantly checking your account can also be a sign that they’re feeling guilty or responsible for the breakup. They may be hoping that you’ll get back together, or they might be jealous of your new life and wondering if they can take on a similar lifestyle to you.

This can be a confusing situation, but it’s important to remember that it’s normal for people to take some time and work through their emotions after a breakup. It can be hard to move on after a relationship, so it’s common for exes to spend time looking at your photos and videos to try and understand what went wrong.

Keeping tabs on your friends and family is also a common reason why people continue to watch your stories, so this could be another way for them to keep an eye on you. They might also be worried about how their children will feel seeing you post pictures and videos of your family, which can make them feel even more connected to you.

Your ex might be jealous of the good memories you have shared with them. They might hope that you’ll be able to share these memories with them again in the future, which can make them feel better about the whole situation.

You can ignore their messages in WhatsApp groups that you’re both in, and don’t reply to them unless it’s necessary. You can also avoid adding emoticons to your messages, which can sometimes give a playful vibe and can be seen as flirtatious.

They might be busy and need to kill their time, so they’re watching your stories to fill the void that’s been left by their ex. It’s a common occurrence among dumpers, and it can be a sign that they aren’t ready to let you go yet.

If you’re trying to move on and aren’t comfortable with their view of your story, it’s a good idea to block them. It can help you avoid having to deal with them any longer, so it’s worth a try.

ex ignores me but watches my stories
ex ignores me but watches my stories

He Broke Up With Me But Still Watches My Stories

Why Is My Ex Watching My Stories But Not Reaching Out

He Broke Up With Me But Still Watches My Stories. You open Instagram on a Saturday morning and see that your ex has watched your story. It’s probably the first time you’ve seen it in a while and you’re feeling confused as to why.

It could be because they’re still hurting from the breakup, or it could be because they want to know how you’re doing. It’s hard to know for sure, but there are a few things you can do to determine if your ex is watching your Stories.

They miss you

Your ex is likely watching your Stories because they’re still thinking about you and missing the good times you had together. They may also be wondering what it’s like to spend time with you again, and they might be wishing for a rekindling of your romance.

They’re a fly on the wall

Your Instagram Story is essentially a video of your life, so it’s no surprise that your ex would want to check it out from time to time. They’re also curious to see how you’re doing, which isn’t a bad thing.

He Broke Up With Me But Still Watches My Stories
He Broke Up With Me But Still Watches My Stories

They’re a nosy guy

Your ex could be a bit of a social media junkie. He likes to keep tabs on everyone he knows, regardless of whether they’re close friends or not.

If he’s just a casual Instagram user, it might be because he’s jealous of the amount of attention you’re getting. He might not realize it, but he’s checking up on you, just to make sure you’re happy and not in any danger.

Ex Watches My Stories But Doesn’t Like My Posts

Ex Watches My Stories But Doesn’t Like My Posts. Are you on Instagram Story and notice your ex’s name listed among viewers? Unsure of why they’re viewing your stories, you can’t help but wonder what this could signify.

Check-ins from friends or former partners may be a friendly gesture or indication that they miss you. Perhaps they are trying to heal after the breakup, or there could be another reason for reaching out.

They may be jealous of your success on social media, particularly if it seems like they’re making waves in their own life. They likely hope that by seeing you happy, it will remind them of all the good times spent together.

Ex Watches My Stories But Doesn’t Like My Posts. Alternatively, they could be a social media stalker and are monitoring your posts to find something to complain about or cause drama. In this instance, you have two options: ignore them or block them permanently.

What Will He Notice If I Stop Watching His Stories?

He posts too often

What Will He Notice If I Stop Watching His Stories? He’s constantly posting photos and videos of himself on his Instagram stories. You can follow every detail of his life, from what he’s eating to how many steps he walks daily. He even shares posts about new gadgets he got or which Netflix show he’s binge watching.

His Insecurity

He struggles with the feeling that he’s not good enough for you, leading him to compare himself with other people. This is a common issue among both men and women, particularly introverted ones.

His insecurity is manifesting itself in his behavior and he’s turning away from you.

Therefore, the initial step should be to ascertain why he’s ignoring you and has stopped watching your stories. Doing this will give you a better indication of what should be done next.

If he doesn’t have time to watch your Snapchat story, then it could be due to other commitments. You can ask him to check it out later when he has more free time.

This could indicate that he’s no longer interested in you. He may have grown bored with your relationship and wants to date someone more interesting than you are.

He could also be avoiding your Snapchat stories because they contain something that might remind him of another woman.

He may have given up hope that you’ll ever be content with him, and he doesn’t wish to be reminded of that fact. Additionally, he doesn’t feel worthy enough for you if the expectation is put upon him.

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