Why Guy Avoids You Suddenly and How You Can Save Your Relationship

One day, your guy avoids you suddenly, seemingly without a reason. You’re baffled because all your thoughts have been about him and how he is feeling, but there’s nothing there. Should you call up your guy and ask what’s going on? Or wait for him to tell you when he’s having a good time or if he’s having a bad day? There are so many questions you should be asking yourself but most of the time, your mind goes blank and you just end up asking yourself why guy avoids you suddenly.

Why Does Your Guy Avoids You Suddenly? Here’s a Tip For Women

Why Does Your Guy Avoids You Suddenly? What’s worse, when you are trying to figure out how to read mixed signals a guy avoids you suddenly? You are already feeling rejected but now the guy is making it worse. Instead of helping to resolve things, he turns the tables against you. The only way for you to regain your confidence and trust is to realize that what he is doing is not helping.

Why Guy Avoids You Suddenly? Let’s say you are in a relationship with this guy. Every time he calls you up out of the blue and wants to talk to you, or comes by after hours, it leaves you puzzled. He seems to be everywhere at once! He pops in and out of your life without warning and you feel like you just want to run. This must be some kind of phobia!

You have to understand that he isn’t afraid to talk to you, or to come by unexpectedly, because you are the girl he fell in love with. The problem is that when a guy does this, it means he has developed a serious attachment to you. It could be because he has started online dating. Or maybe it’s because he wants to become more familiar with you, and thinks, “maybe I should try online dating too!”

You need to keep in mind that guys online dating are just as insecure as you are. And it’s easy for him to make himself look bad by sabotaging your attempts at meeting and talking with you. That’s why you must act quickly. Here’s how…

If you find that your guy has been spending a lot of time online dating, there’s a very good chance that he has a crush on you. However, this is probably a phase he is going through – a process. You can tell by his choices – if he always puts you on special email or instant messenger lists, he’s still chasing you.

If his behavior toward you has changed, he’s still the same guy. One of the most common reasons why men get bored with women is that they begin to feel pressured by society to act a certain way. If you believe that this is happening to you (and it probably is) give your guy some space. He will appreciate it.

It’s also possible that your guy avoids you suddenly because he feels you aren’t the right woman for him. Obviously, you don’t want to be his girlfriend, but at the same time, you wouldn’t want to date any guy that didn’t want to be your boyfriend either. Men go into these dating situations wanting to be one of those great partner/boyfriend combinations. If a guy wants to stay single, that’s probably not a good sign!

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guy avoids you suddenly

These are just a few of the possible reasons why a guy suddenly becomes interested in someone else. He may be doing these things to test your waters or just to have someone to talk to that doesn’t seem to be as interested in him. If your guy shows these changes to you, welcome him to the relationship and make plans to meet him soon!

You should be aware that sometimes a guy avoids you because he is shy. Shyness is a big turn off for most women. In fact, it can even make a guy want to run away from you! Don’t be quick to judge a guy based on his shyness, though – if you meet him and he seems genuinely interested in you, he probably has more to offer than your previous attempts at dating him!

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guy avoids you suddenly

Another reason why your guy avoids you suddenly could be that he just doesn’t know how to approach you. He may have tried to talk to you one time or another, but he just isn’t very good at getting a response. It could be that he is scared to try new things. It could be that he just doesn’t realize how much you truly enjoy being with him. There’s nothing wrong with either of these reasons, though.

A guy avoids you suddenly all the time. Just don’t let yourself be too quick to judge him or give up hope. You never know when he’s been hit by a new interest. If you’re patient and remain open to possibilities, you can win your guy’s heart once again.

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