Why My Guy Ignores Me But Likes My Photos?

“what is that big mean guy ignores me but likes my photos?” it is a question many women wonder about. Sometimes we get a gut feeling that the guy isn’t happy with you and doesn’t want to spend time with you, he also seems like a bit of a cheater, and so on. But before we go off and cry about what is that big mean guy ignores me but likes my photos, why not see if we can actually answer the question in the easiest way possible.

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Guy Ignores Me But Likes My Photos? What You Should?

Why a guy ignores me but likes my photos? The first point is simple. We need to understand that a guy has an ego. It’s just that not very many of us have heard the term or realise it’s there. The ego is his top priority and what will get it back is whether he thinks you are good enough for him. He won’t give up his freedom so long as he believes he has you.


What signs a guy ignores me but likes my photos? So, what is this guy thinking? Quite simply he’s playing out a game of Russian roulette – he thinks you’ll come back and he’ll get her. In fact, most men play out the same game with women they fancy. They want to win your love back, but if they don’t win it right now, they’ll just go out with someone else. This is the number one reason men end up cheating on their girlfriends.

So, what is the best strategy to take when this guy is ignoring you? Relax. Don’t fight back at him, especially when it feels like you’re banging your head against the wall (which you probably are).

What should a guy ignores me but likes my photos? Relax, because if he truly loves you he’ll come back. You’ll be surprised how fast he will realize that he got you the second time around. But for now, keep enjoying yourself with your friends. In all probability your guy won’t be pining away for you to get back together. He’ll still love you though, and that’s what really matters.

he doesn't text but likes my posts
guy ignores me but likes my photos

If your guy doesn’t seem to be showing any interest in hanging out with you, and hanging out with the guys means having good times, then he doesn’t care about love. You could argue that his lack of interest could be due to work or other commitments that he has.

This is a valid point, and you should take it into consideration. This doesn’t mean though that your guy is ignoring you – it just means that he’s using you for a quick fix. If he was really in love, he’d want you around as much as possible so that he knows you’ll always be there for him.

What can you do to reignite his interest? If you’ve previously been ignored by a guy, then it may take some time for him to realise that you still have his heart. You can do this by showing him attention when he’s with other girls. It’s subtle, but it can work wonders. If a guy can’t remember when you’re next with him, then he’ll start to worry that you might leave if he doesn’t get your undivided attention. Guy ignores me but likes my photos?

One thing that most women never do is initiate contact with a guy they barely know. By ignoring him, he’s letting you know without him even realising that he’s doing it. It sends the message that there’s something else on his mind – and that’s how you win his love back. Don’t just assume that he’ll return your phone calls, emails and text messages. Make a point of getting back in touch. If he genuinely misses you, then he’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that you stay in his life.

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