Why Did He Blocked Me?

Recently I had to ask the question “Why did he blocked me?” after a breakup. My ex boyfriend had broken up with me and was behaving weirdly. Before I could call him and demand answers I found out that he blocked me on Instagram and other social media. So when he ended things with me he blocked me, which I found out can easily see why some people do it in a break up, so was definitely fussed on.

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But noticing his blocked, and then finding out that he block me three months later, found very odd. But then again, maybe he just didn’t speak to me as much as he used to and maybe I hurt his feelings. Maybe he didn’t like the breakup and thought it was too soon.


Why He Blocked Me?

After looking through his social media history I noticed that he blocked me on Instagram, he blocked me on Facebook, he blocked me on StumbleUpon, he blocked me in FriendFeed, and he blocked me on Twitter. He blocked me in every site I visited. It was at least a dozen or more but most of them were from places I hardly know or care about. There were many reasons he blocked me.

Why would he block me on Instagram when he obviously liked what I posted? Well, the first place he blocked me on Instagram was because I mentioned one of his ex girlfriends. For whatever reason, he didn’t like that post and decided to “troll” me by blocking me. I have heard of people getting into heated debates in the past and one might think that blocking someone you don’t know is the same thing as saying they are irrelevant. So why would he do that?

he blocked me
he blocked me

The second place he block me on Facebook was because I mentioned another phone number he had in my newsfeed. I had not added the number for nothing and he was infuriated. He obviously thought that I was trying to “plant a seed” that he could come back and take down. It’s interesting how so many social media sites work for someone’s benefit and not for yours. If he had blocked me on Twitter I would not have been able to find the other phone number he block me on Instagram and I probably never would have found the other phone number he blocked me on Facebook.

If he wants to unblock me, he should think about why he is doing it and stop doing it. It’s not going to help him enjoy life more or even stay single longer. When he realizes he’s done something to upset you he’ll think twice before doing it again.

When a guy decides he doesn’t want you anymore, one of the best things he can do is to clear his inbox and block you from ever seeing it again. If you are the kind of person who likes to read everything, posts, emails, and whatever else he sends you then deleting your history will be a very good thing to do. However, if you have been in situations like he blocked me from, then maybe it’s time to start unblocking people who make you feel threatened and unwanted.

The best advice he knows blocking someone is to never come back at them. If he feels like you’ve made up a reason to come back at him he’s going to want to avoid you. The last thing he needs is to get into a situation where he feels like he’s fighting with an enemy he cannot defeat. Sometimes he may think he’s wrong, but he’s just being overly sensitive and that usually does him more harm than good.

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