How to Get Over a Mental Block in Gymnastics

When you are performing a routine at a competition or practice, it is inevitable that you will hit a rough patch. It’s when you find yourself being unable to do the task at hand that you might find yourself in a fix. What is the cause of your temporary mental block? What is gymnastics equivalent to a death sentence? We have carefully outlined the common causes of a mental block so that it is easier for you to understand how to get over a mental block in gymnastics.

Mental blocks are situations where the gymnast is not focused on their technique, but rather on the outcome of the task in hand. For example, if a gymnast is executing a triple jump and he or she stops their triple jump after less than one jump, they are experiencing a mental block. This is because they are worrying about the result of the triple jump, rather than focusing on their technique. To overcome this, it is vital that a gymnast develop a strong focus on each jump, regardless of which one they land.

How to Get Over a Mental Block
How to Get Over a Mental Block

Another common cause of a mental block is an inability to trust in their body. You may have heard countless times, “The best thing to prevent a problem is a good solution.” Well this statement is spot on, it’s the gymnast who has to be able to trust their body in order to overcome the problem. If you feel as though you can’t execute a technique perfectly, or you are worried that your technique could result in a fall, it is essential that you find a way to relax. If you don’t relax, it becomes easier to get frustrated, which causes the issue all over again.

One of the best ways to overcome a mental block is to practice something over. Many new gymnasts think that once they master a certain skill, they have mastered it for good. This is completely false. By repeatedly performing the same skills or techniques over, the gymnast will forget how powerful their mind is and how well they could have executed the skill had they been relaxed.

Another good way to avoid a mental block is to practice something you love. This way, when you start to get frustrated, you turn it into an opportunity to grow as a gymnast. You are inspired to become better. When you practice something that you love, you get motivated to make sure that every movement is perfect. It doesn’t matter if you think the technique is bad or you think you are not good enough, you will not hesitate to try again until you get it right. This is a great way to build confidence in your skill and grow as a gymnast.

How to Get Over a Mental Block in Gymnastics
How to Get Over a Mental Block in Gymnastics

A big part of gymnastics is falling. A lot of gymnasts injure themselves each year because of this. They don’t know how to protect themselves from being injured. Most gymnastics equipment is relatively safe, but there are some common sense precautions that can save a gymnast from serious injury. Falling while doing free ring, freestyle, tuck, pike walk and all the other multiple legged movements is very common. If you fall once, chances are you will fall again the next time you do these moves.

If you want to know how to get over a mental block in gymnastics quickly, you need to focus on the task at hand, not the outcome of the task. You must give your entire self attention during each move and be fully ready to give all your effort no matter how much it hurts. This is the only way to succeed at this extremely skillful sport.

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