How To Get Over Horror Movie Fear

How do you get over your horror movie phobia? What causes this sort of fear and why do you get this phobia? Is it because of the fear of dying? If that’s the case maybe you should re-read that last sentence. “death” being the cause of your phobia could be due to your imagination or just a lack of understanding of what a real death is really like.

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Another possible cause could be a childhood experience where something truly bad happened to you. You might have nightmares of being burned alive in the microwave or you might get this irrational fear of a water balloon exploding over your head. Maybe it’s all in your mind or maybe it’s all in your imagination. Either way, how to get over your fear of these movies can be quite difficult.


The first step to getting over this irrational fear is to simply avoid watching any horror movies. If you absolutely must watch them then get a good one to watch with your family or friends. These types of movies can help to calm your nerves. While you’re at it make sure you get a good DVD so you don’t start to develop any VCR related behaviors.

When choosing movies you might want to get a few different ones to choose from. There are horror/ suspense movies, romance/humor movies, thriller/horror movies, and horror/ suspense films. Pick a few now and start to research them. This will help to broaden your horizons a little bit. Now you’re ready to start trying to figure out which genre of horror films most appeals to you.

A very popular type of movie is the thriller. This is because thrillers usually have some level of surprise. This is one of the main things that gets people to watch horror movies. But you need to realize that a thriller is not the same as horror. A thriller generally will have an ending that doesn’t leave many questions unanswered.

The romance/humor genre is another popular option. This is because people like to see love stories handled well. Romance is also something that most people associate with death. So, if you’re afraid of dying then this is probably not the best choice. But remember, these fictions don’t have to be based on a real life event.

A thriller is a great genre to start out with. You just have to remember to get over the fear of film stars dying. Once you overcome this you can start to learn more about the actual film stars. Learning about their lives is always fascinating.

These are just a few options of how to get over a horror movie. There are many others that will help you get over your fear. If you start with getting over your initial fear, then anything else that comes your way will become easier to deal with. Just keep in mind that you shouldn’t dwell too much on the things that scared you. Dealing with your fear is going to be the best thing you can do.

Once you get past your initial trepidation, then you’re in control. Remember that it’s all a matter of how you look at things. Some people like certain things and other people hate them. Don’t let yourself get obsessed with the things that you don’t enjoy.

You have to realize that you’re in control when it comes to how you want to see your horror movie. All you have to do is decide which scene you want to focus on. When you get over your initial fear then you can start to watch the rest of the movie. The key is to get over your initial fear and let go of the rest.

Once you’ve gotten over your initial fears, then start thinking about the rest of the movie. What are the things you loved about the movie? Did the story get real and were the things that you feared the most totally made up? Remember that you have to trust your feelings. You have to let go and trust that you’re supposed to be scared when you watch these kinds of things.

Finally, after you get past your initial fears, remember to let go. Don’t fight the monster that’s inside of you. Instead, allow it to come out and face you. Fear will only make it more real so don’t let yourself be consumed by the fear. Once you follow these tips on how to get over the horror movie fear, you will start to feel better and more comfortable with watching these movies again.

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