I Think My Priest Is Attracted To Me

Why ı think my priest is attracted to me? Last week while at the grocery store, I was thinking about the good and evil of Catholics and their teachings on same sex attraction. While driving home from the store a thought struck me that Catholics are big on words, good and evil, while showing little regard for the lives of those who practice same sex attraction.

This made me stop and think about it, what makes the Catholic Church so different from other religions? Many people think of religion as being in the front of the people, the good guys and bad guys, but in the Catholic Church the “good guys” are always “nice”. So then, should Catholics be judged by the words written in the Bible, should the Catholic Priest who molests children be forgiven and the Pope who molests the world with his disgusting acts of immorality be absolved?

How Can I Think My Priest Is Attracted To Me? Answers That Can Help You Decide If You’re Being Fooled By Your Priests

I can tell you that whenever i think my priest is attracted to me, i get butterflies in my stomach. I am not talking about butterflies in the sense of “I feel like i am dying” or “I think i am dying”. No, what I really mean is that i think my priest is attracted to me for a reason. I call this reasoning “intuition” because it is so much more powerful than logic or common sense. It just feels so right.

Intuition is feeling or sensing something without having any evidence or even understanding of what that thing is. For example, if your dog loves you, i think my priest is attracted to me because he is always licking your face. I do not have to reason or verify anything for myself or anyone else because i think my priest is attracted to me that way. This same thing applies when i think my priest is attracted to me because he licks my hands and draws me into his arms. He is licking my hand and drawing me in. There is no evidence or intellectual knowledge needed to prove that.

Another example might be when i think my priest is attracted to me because he has touched me on many occasions. Perhaps he gave me a shoulder hug when i stood at the altar for the first time after being baptized. Maybe he gave me a quick squeeze when i pulled him over to ask forgiveness for hurting his flock by being naughty. Maybe he kissed me on the cheek when i was in the hospital and we both knew that it was the last time i would see him. I do not need evidence or rational knowledge to conclude that my priest is attracted to me because all i know is what he does. And that makes it easy.

I also believe that i think my priest is attracted to me because i have been healed of something through him. Maybe i was sick or in pain and i did not speak up because i felt i did not deserve it. The priest probably did not pierce the vein because i was already a broken person, and therefore did not deserve the pain or the death i was put though.

i think my priest is attracted to me
i think my priest is attracted to me

Maybe the priest did not pierce the vein because i trusted him, and i think that i did because i trusted him to keep me safe, to protect me from the Real Power. And that is what I think of him, as a symbol of the protection, the healing, the security that comes with trusting in a higher power. I don’t need evidence or intellectual knowledge to convince myself that my priest is attracted to me because he understands what I need and wants.

What do you think? Am i crazy? Do you think that it is just because i think my priest is attracted to me because he saw something in me that he was drawn to? Are you one of those people who believe that all magicians and religious healers are the same, with the same beliefs about how they work and that it is all about energy and projection?

Let me ask you this question. Have you ever met someone, and instantly knew that this is the one, the only, the “greatest“? Or someone you’ve met who seemed to be so perfect for you, but then found out that you had things in common with them, yet, deep down you were suspicious of their true motives? Then when you finally found out who they were, you found out that they had done something behind your back, but didn’t realize it until they were already gone. And then you finally realized what they were, but still couldn’t get over your suspicion of them, and you ended up seeing them again after a long distance.

The point is, if we look at the teachings of any religion or cult, we will see that it’s all about energy. And most religions, such as organized religions or the spiritual paths, teach that it’s all about energy. It’s about bringing forth the “light” and “energy” into ones life. How can one be attracted to someone when there isn’t even a “light”? How can someone be drawn to you when no one can see your face, but you can feel it? I think that there’s something to this, and that it’s possibly the reason why someone has always been able to attract the same types of things into their lives, whether it’s been love, money, great friends, etc.

Now then, does this mean that anyone, regardless of what they believe, is automatically attracted to another? I don’t think so. In fact, there are more people who are attracted to the opposite sex (that’s where we get “two birds with one stone”). So my question to you is this – are you someone who has difficulty attracting what you want into your life?

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