My Boyfriend Posted A Picture Of Another Girl On Social Media – Best 2 Ways

Are you wonder “Why my boyfriend posted a picture of another girl?” My boyfriend and I were in a very bad place about five years ago. He had a girlfriend, I didn’t even know his name, she was called Karen but no one really cared and it was getting pretty bad. He broke up with her and wouldn’t let me see her for months. He never told me what the problem was, just that he was having trouble. Why my boyfriend posted a picture of another girl on my Facebook page, I felt like my heart would explode.

My Boyfriend Posted a Picture of Another Girl on MySpace – How to Find Out Why

Why my boyfriend posted a picture of another girl? My boyfriend was working on a business trip when he posted this to his Facebook wall. It has since become a popular image with many men who are looking for someone to share a lovely photograph of themselves with another woman. The caption? “She’s not my wife! She’s another girl.”

This image has since gone viral and caused many women to ask the question, “Why my boyfriend posted a picture of another girl?” He could have many reasons for why he posted this. He may be trying to set up a girlfriend in another country, he may not even want to start a relationship with the other woman and she is the closest thing he has to a sister or he may feel like posting this photo is simply part of his personality. I do not know him so I cannot comment on any of those things.

My boyfriend lives alone so it is understandable that he would want to post photos of himself all of the time. It gives him something to look forward to when he comes home from work. Sometimes he even takes pictures of us both on separate days so he knows what we look like as well. I asked him why he posted this so long ago and he said it was because he had a good friend who is also another girl. Of course he didn’t say her name but he did tell me she is “excited” over his new girlfriend.

I found out later that my boyfriend was not telling the truth. His friend was not his girlfriend and the photo my boyfriend posted was taken when my girlfriend and his friend went to the park. My boyfriend thought my girlfriend would like the photo because she was excited but it is clear that my girlfriend did not like it. My girlfriend is the one who likes to post pictures of herself with others and he doesn’t understand why I would care.

he posted a picture of another girl
he posted a picture of another girl

I asked my boyfriend why he post the photo if it is not something he thinks makes my girlfriend happy. He told me that he could not remember why he posted the photo. I asked why he didn’t think I would enjoy it when he showed me the photo and he told me it’s because it’s not something he thinks I’d like. If my boyfriend posted a photo of another girl on MySpace or Facebook then he needs to explain why he did. I do not want to spend my time wondering why he posted a photo if it is something I don’t want.

If you are reading this article then I’m willing to bet that you are upset because you believe your boyfriend is not telling you the truth. You are right. The only way to make your boyfriend happy is to find out the truth. Ask yourself why he chose not to tell you and what he thinks about the other girl. It may shock you to learn he thinks she is pretty. By doing this simple thing, your boyfriend will change his ways and start thinking more positively about you and the relationship.

Did He Posted A Picture Of Another Girl On Social Media?

He Posted A Picture Of Another Girl On Social Media? My boyfriend is a nice guy. We’ve been dating for over a year and he has always given me the honest answers I needed to know the truth. He’s tried to protect me from women who want to take advantage of me. But now I know that he is vulnerable and his guard has lowered. I wonder why he posted a picture of another girl on MySpace.

There are many reasons why he posted a picture of another girl on MySpace. Reasons like, he is bored and looking to find new things. He is a gym freak and really likes to work out. He loves the idea of meeting new people through the internet and meeting women. There are many other reasons but the main one is that he wants to impress these girls.

It makes me wonder why he would post a picture of another girl. Is he trying to make it seem like he is into younger girls or older ladies? I feel like he is trying to make himself look more attractive to all of the girls he is contacting and not because he is thinking of committing a felony by going back and forth with these girls.

What does he want to do with these other girls? Why does he post a picture of another girl on MySpace? If he is married and he is posting pictures of another girl, then he is trying to impress the other lady with the photos he took of her at a certain time or place. But if he is single and he is posting pictures of another girl, he might be trying to communicate with her to see if she feels the same as he does.

my boyfriend posted a picture of another girl
my boyfriend posted a picture of another girl

Now some women might think that he is just wasting his time with these other girls when he could be spending more quality time with their children or doing something productive. It may even be that he is trying to convince these other women he is with to break off the relationship with their boyfriend so he can start dating one of them.

This is something he needs to do in order to show these other women he has everything he wants. He also needs to take his time to figure out what he wants in life and who he really is on his own. If he posted a picture of another girl on MySpace, he is just letting her know he has other interests and he is ready to move his priorities around if he feels the relationship is moving in the right direction.

Why does he post a photo on MySpace? Well, he could be communicating with one of these women or he could be communicating with his high school sweetheart. This is just one of the many questions he is asking himself as he sits there daydreaming. Why did he post this photo? Well, he could have done several things. The most important thing is he is expressing his opinion about another girl he is currently involved with, something he wants you to know about him.

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