The Root Cause of Lust – 5 Best Reasson For Lust

The root cause of lust can only be located when one understands the entire structure of human sexuality. Lust is nothing but a mental attitude (or emotional energy) that projects itself as a desire for something desirable. What is desired varies from person to person and can only be known by understanding the human condition and its needs. The mind or intellect is the root cause of lust, passion, jealousy, boastfulness, envy, regret, illusion, fear, and anger.

root cause of lust The best way to manipulate the human mind to serve one’s will is to engage it constantly in self-awareness (sadhana). People are very attached to concepts of holiness, dignity, and honor and are committed to maintain them at all costs including in their intimate lives.

Since such concepts of holiness, dignity, and honor are relative and subject to change with changing circumstances, people are equally committed to maintaining this concept of holiness and dignity and are equally committed to keeping them regardless of changing social conditions.

Holiness is related to purity, which is also relative to the concept of honor and is associated with passion, sexuality, and sometimes with anger. Since the followers of this mind are caught up in emotional bondage, it is important that they not be easily lured into the meshes of sexual desire.

Since the root cause of lust is human nature, it is not surprising that it leads to sexual relations that are base, dirty, disgusting, shameful, and dangerous. People get caught up in lust believing that, since it is something natural, it is okay and even beneficial. When lust gets turned into desire, people get caught up in sexual desire believing that, since it is something natural, it is okay and even beneficial.

This then leads to adultery, sexual deviation, rape, immoral sexual behavior, and the list goes on. Therefore, if we want to come to a realization of the root cause of lust and if we want to eliminate it for good, then we need to realize that it is not natural and that it is related to the immorality of human nature.

Where Does Lust Come From? Root Cause of Lust

Root cause of lust? What is the root cause of lust? It is God’s irresistible desire to love you and to be loved in return. It’s an all time great question that has plagued Christian men (and women) since the beginning of time. For Christians, it’s the desire to belong to God and to follow his ways and to live as his follower. It’s the desire to experience God’s glory for himself and for others.

Root cause of lust?For this reason, many Christians are left wondering, “Where does dust come from?” This may seem like a simple question but it is one of the most difficult questions to answer for the average person. For Christians, the answers to this question are not as simple or as obvious as they are for someone who is not a member of the faith.

The root cause of lust
The root cause of lust

While there are several explanations of lust stemming from the physical side of God, the ultimate source of lust is from the spiritual. Many people think that lust is something that can’t be controlled. Christians however, know that it can be controlled.

We have been told many times that one of the reasons that lust is given by the Devil is because of our temptation. The Devil works very hard every day to keep people in sin and we are always under temptation. We are constantly faced with the idea that what we are doing is not pleasing God. That is why the Devil is so good at tempting us with the promise of sexual pleasure and this is the reason why we are left with the question, “Where does dust come from?

How to Break the Cycle of Lust and Know the Origin of Lust

Root cause of lust, why does the lust sometimes go away? The answer is very simple – the root cause of lust is the mind! The powerful mind rules the weak heart and the weak mind rules the strong heart. Lust is a strong magnet which draws towards itself every thing that it faces in its path. Therefore to keep away from it, you have to learn some simple tips for overcoming lust.

The mind is the root cause of lust; therefore, the first tip for fighting lust is to realize the divinity within you. The first step to do so is to realize your true self; be yourself above all others. The self is the divine spirit which is like the sun or the moon, it has no defects and whatever is written on it remains true.

Root cause of lust
Root cause of lust

The Sun is the lord of creation, whereas the moon is the lord of fertility, longevity and youth. Since the powers of the mind are similar to the powers of the lord, you can say that the weaker mind can be subdued by the stronger one.

The second tip to fight off lust is to develop the virtue of faith. Faith is the basis of all actions and thoughts and without faith you cannot think positively. This happens because when you are not positive about anything, you will tend to doubt about everything and if you doubt about the future, you will never be able to fulfill your goals.

In order to be successful, you have to have faith in yourself, God, the world or fate. When you have faith in anybody or anything, you will never fail to achieve your goal no matter what.

The third tip to fight the lust of women is to love the lord and obey the lord. The word ‘obeying’ is used here because if you obey the lord, you will love the lord. This is a universal truth because when Jesus talked about love, he used the language of love which is considered to be one of the best languages that a person can learn. When you obey the lord, you will love him and when you love him you will obey him.

The fourth tip to defeat lust is to be holy. When we say that we are holy, we mean that we are free from sin. Sin is something that makes us go round in circles. When we are free from sin, we can move around and find a partner who can fulfill our sexual desires. It is said that true marriage makes us go round in circles, therefore, true holiness makes us go round with happiness and bliss.

The last tip to defeat the lust of women is to say the word of God every day. This is because the verse states that lust will not put us in shame. Lust will not put us in shame but only bring down our level of respect for the person who is acting out our desire. When we maintain a supreme regard for the lord, we can easily overcome any desire for lust.

The Spirit of Lust Characteristics

One of the most common signs that a person is harboring a spirit of lust is his or her interest in younger women. This interest will often manifest itself in the form of occasional mentions of pictures and names. These signs cannot be hidden and are a clear indication of lust. It is also important to recognize that a person who is harboring a spirit of lust will try to sexualize others.

This type of lust will cause great damage to relationships. If you are suffering from lust, you must first ask God for help before you do anything. Also, you must be willing to make a change in your life. Moreover, a person who harbors a spirit of lust will attract people like a magnet.

The spirit of lust can also lead a person to believe that he or she is an enemy of God and does not belong in His Kingdom. Moreover, it will make a person question the love of God and its instructions, thinking that God doesn’t love him or her. The result is that they question God’s love and believe that God is restricting them or protecting them.

A man infected with the spirit of lust may experience a series of physical changes. He may start having sexual relations with people he doesn’t know and start lusting for their spouse. This will eventually lead to erectile dysfunction. This type of lust can destroy a marriage and ruin a relationship.

The Root Cause of Lust

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