She Stopped Talking To Me But Likes My Pictures

A few months ago, she stopped talking to me but likes my pictures. Then she started texting me and asking if we could hang out. Then she sent me pictures of her and my kids. She told me she doesn’t know I care, but she was just into them because they are my kids.

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But all that changed when she started acting funny on Facebook. She would show up uninvited to family events or to school and sit in the corner while my kids showed off. She stopped talking to me but likes my pictures. She said she couldn’t imagine life without me and she would be miserable without me.


So clearly she is sending mixed signals. At the same time she is sending some very strong mixed signals to me too. Here’s what I’m discovering.

Why She Stopped Talking to Me But Likes My Pictures? What Is Mean?

This starts when she stopped talking to me but likes my pictures. She invites me over to her house on the pretext of hanging out with my friends. In fact she wants to go out with them but doesn’t want me to know. That makes me uncomfortable too. So I pretend to go out with my friends but I really am just going to see her for a few hours.

Once I get there she’s very curvy and in all kinds of moods. Very interested in my life and what’s going on. But she also seems quite taken back by our first encounter. She says she remembers that we were so excited when we walked into the room. And she definitely remembers feeling a little bit awkward throughout the conversation.

But she still takes an interest in my life and seems to be trying to set up another date. But she starts to act distant and doesn’t want to meet me in person. She just wants to spend more time on her own. And she even seems to enjoy being alone. And this worries me. That’s when I begin to notice that she stops talking to me but likes my pictures.

So I start to wonder what she is looking at when she looks at these photos. And she confirms it for me. She says she likes the ones I took of her friends. She says she loves them and feels very emotional about them.

And she tells me she loves the photos I took of her with some of her friends, even if she didn’t think she looked that good in them! Apparently she likes my pictures because she realized how young she looks in them. And she also realizes she looks younger than she actually is in real life. That’s when I realize that she stopped talking to me but likes my pictures. It turns out she was trying to set up another date with me, but now she realizes she really does love me!

It’s a strange thing to feel when someone you care about doesn’t talk to you, but it happens more often than you might think. People get comfortable with each other over time and sometimes they stop knowing what they have in common. Over time, their communication changes from casual to distant. And then, they become strangers to each other.

It’s not your fault. She might be feeling lonely and seeking connections with others. But you can do something about it. You can make her feel warm and loved again and you can make her friends again!

she stopped talking to me but likes my pictures
she stopped talking to me but likes my pictures

So, how do you make her feel warm and loved again? Start by taking her to a place she enjoys. Go to a museum, take her to a concert or a play. Get her away from her computer and internet for a few hours. Try to find out why she stopped talking to me but likes my pictures. If she loves fashion and she suddenly seems to be happy about a new collection of clothes, that could mean she misses you a lot.

Once you have some idea of what she might be feeling, you need to go back to her and explain what happened. Tell her that she stopped talking to me but likes my pictures. See if she reacts well or if she gets upset. Remember, don’t start apologizing right away. You can say, “That’s really flattering and I’m sorry if that made you feel that way”, and she’ll probably laugh.

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