Is She’s Not Attracted to Me Anymore? Best Ways to Know For Certain That she Wants You Back

My wife tells me that she’s not attracted to me anymore, and I can’t understand why. We’ve been married for nearly 17 years, and she’s a great mother, hard worker, and loves her job. Now she wants to be a housewife with no responsibilities. Why is she not attracted to me anymore?

Signs She’s Not Attracted To Me Anymore?

Signs She’s Not Attracted To Me Anymore? I used to believe that women were programmed differently. They were designed to be independent, self-sufficient, and have their own interests and needs. But I’ve since learned that sexual attraction isn’t what leads a woman to want to stay in a relationship.

Why she’s not attracted to me anymore? A lot of the time, men have the misconception that a woman will only sleep with them if she feels emotionally connected to them. But this just isn’t true. Women have their own personalities and feelings towards men. If they don’t feel loved and desired in a certain way, they’ll look for someone who does. So why she’s not attracted to me anymore, I asked myself.

Why she’s not attracted to me anymore? Sex is an important part of a relationship for women. We need it to survive, and to feel desirable. But there’s more to a woman’s definition of love and satisfaction than having a man penetrate her. A good, healthy relationship involves sharing time, sex, companionship, affection, cuddling, kissing, and a whole lot more.

In my attempts to figure out why she’s not attracted to me anymore, I turned to my friends and family. Most people probably think that they know the answer straight away. After all, they’ve probably been in the same situation themselves. They’re probably also dealing with the same emotions that I was in.

Why she’s not attracted to me anymore? However, the truth is, even the most well-intentioned men can’t read a woman’s mind, and even more importantly, a woman’s body language. A woman can be attracted to you in many ways, but she might not be feeling it now. It doesn’t mean that she hasn’t caught your attention in other ways. It’s just that her body language differs from what she normally shows.

This may sound strange, but even men aren’t always sure how to read other people’s reactions. For example, when I told my friend Michelle that I felt she was attracted to me, she was surprised. She’d never thought about it before. If you go on any date with a confident, successful man who has lots of friends, then he could easily pick up on your discomfort and even amusement.

So, how do you know whether she’s not attracted to me anymore? You need to make an objective observation of her behaviour. Don’t rely on what she’s saying, because she could be concealing something. Watch her eyes, her facial expressions, and her body language to see if she’s truly intrigued by you or not. You can often tell if she’s attracted to you by the way she behaves.

When she acts intrigued by you, she’s interested in you. You need to re-establish contact and re-emphasize the things you two shared when you were together. You can start by going out to places she’s frequented before and see how she behaves around those men. If she’s behaving attractively to them, she’s still highly attracted to you and is thinking about you all the time.

she's not attracted to me
she’s not attracted to me anymore

Another way to confirm this is by calling her on the phone and just having a conversation. Ask her questions about herself and what she does for a living and she’ll answer confidently every time. You can also ask her how she feels about the relationship, and she’ll let you know if she feels it’s working out.

If she doesn’t want to talk to you anymore, she’s not attracted to you anymore. Of course, there are other ways of finding out whether she’s as into you as she claims to be. She might fake being interested in you to have an excuse to avoid talking to you. Other than that, though, there’s really nothing else you can do.

Once you’re positive she’s not attracted to you anymore, the next thing you need to do is accept her feelings and change your own behavior to match hers. She’ll respect you more for accepting her and helping her through this. It takes some work, but it will make her infinitely happier. Plus, it’s a great confidence booster. Start right now!

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