What Signs That My Doctor Likes Me?

The signs that my doctor likes me are hard to ignore. But if I didn’t realize how much I trusted and appreciated my doctor, I would have stopped taking my medications long before I had any problems. Here are the five most common signs that my doctor likes me.

Signs That My Doctor Likes Me

As a woman, one of the best signs that my doctor likes me is when he tells me that I look good and that I look younger. At times, that can be an unintentional insult because it can be perceived as an insult if you don’t know the signs that my doctor likes me and he just told me that I looked great. My body language can betray my age. So, that’s one of the signs that my doctor likes me and likes what I do.

Another one of the signs that my doctor likes me is when he refers to me as his patient. This may be perceived as a very subtle sign but it still sends a message. The same message is sent when my doctor calls me by name. He also may refer to me by my title. When this happens, I feel valued and important. I start to feel that people are taking me more seriously just because he mentioned my name.

Another of the best signs that my doctor likes me is when he supports my interests. If my interests are in social media and he supports my participation in that community, then he sees me as a part of that community. He views me as someone who belongs somewhere in the world outside of his office. This gives me even more reason to visit social media sites.

One of the things that social media allows me to do is interact with other people. So, if my doctor sees me as a social media contributor, then he views me in that light himself. This gives me the chance to show off my writing skills, my photography skills or my social media knowledge. The more I socialize, the more I get exposure.

I also notice that the best signs that my doctor likes me are when he tells me something that I didn’t ask for. Like when I was considering going back to school, he told me that it would be better for me to go to school online. He told me this out of the blue. I couldn’t help myself, so I asked why.

I wanted him to tell me this because I felt like it was his way of saying that I shouldn’t try to school online because it would make things difficult. After all, he told me that he spends a lot of time working in the doctor’s office. These were his patients. How would his patients feel if he was signing my EMR’s? Wouldn’t they like me to be more like them? Would they even consider me for an appointment?

signs my doctor is attracted to me
signs my doctor is attracted to me

This one turned out to be very subtle. My doctor was no longer talking about his profession. Instead, he was explaining to me how he got to where he is today. Unlike most people, I don’t see how having a college degree automatically qualifies me for a job; however, I was glad that he was expressing this belief to me.

Another one of the best signs that my doctor likes me is when he gives me notes on my progress. Like me, doctors often receive a pile of notes from their patients. They then have to piece together their notes and write reports about what they’ve seen. My doctor was no different. He took notes on each of the treatments that he prescribed to me, and he also filled out forms about the progress that he saw.

Another of the many signs that my doctor likes me is when he gets me on that special medication for pain. I’ve been taking different medications for various ailments for years. Some of them work, some of them don’t. My doctor never fails to send me a new prescription when a new medication has been approved by the FDA.

He even gave me a few more signs that my doctor likes me. One day, he came into my office and told me that it was time for me to move up to another level. He said that I was on the threshold of retirement and that he wanted to keep me at a medical position that I could not be satisfied with. That’s very reassuring!

These are just a few of the many signs that my doctor likes me. I really appreciate the tips and pointers he gives me on a daily basis. If I didn’t take care of myself, he wouldn’t hesitate to send me to physical therapy or prescribe me with some new medications. Life’s too short to be satisfied with the status quo. Make sure you take care of yourself so you can live a long, happy, and healthy life.

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