Signs That Your Cousin Likes You – Is This True?

Have you ever been curious about the signs that your cousin likes you? Chances are, if you are a parent, you have noticed these signs. How can you determine if your child has a crush on you? What exactly does he or she look for in order to develop a crush? If you have any doubts at all, the following paragraphs will provide you with some insight into this question and the answers it may yield.

Best Signs That Your Cousin Likes You

What is Best Signs That Your Cousin Likes You? The secret crush question can be very vague; however, there are certain things one can look for. For example, are there certain things about you that your cousin dislikes? Does your child spend a lot of time trying to make your life easier and fixing whatever problems you have? Perhaps your child does not like being picked on when playing in the sandbox, is overly sweet and will often act as if they are the greatest person in the world. These are some of the classic signs someone may develop a secret crush on you.

However, these are not the only signs someone develops a secret crush on you. Does your child have a lot of questions about you? If so, this is also a sign someone has a crush on you. Someone may feel a need to ask their parents, friends, or other relatives about you and their thoughts about your relationship and they are likely developing a secret crush on you.

Perhaps your child asks you all of the time what you are up to, or mentions that he or she wants to go out with you but you always end up having to go out. If this is something you notice frequently, it is a very strong sign that your cousin has developed a deep connection with you. Although there are many signs that your cousin likes you, there are also many signs that your cousin doesn’t like you at all.

signs that your female cousin likes you
signs that your cousin likes you

Signs that your cousin likes you? How is the relationship between your child and you working? Has it always been like that? Have you always made sure that he or she knows you were thinking about them and their needs? Are they always asking about your day at work and what you are doing? If someone has developed a connection with their parents or other relatives and is constantly talking about their feelings at home, they could be a secret lover or someone who has an interest in you but isn’t ready to let you know just yet.

Finally, if you notice your cousin has started bringing you flower arrangements or candy on birthdays, it could be that they are falling in love with you or wanting to show you that they love you. Many people mistake infatuation for love when it is not and they mistake a secret crush for true love, so if someone acts like they are crazy about you and constantly want to meet you, that could be a sign of infatuation.

However, if they are more careful around you and treat you nice and they tell you that they love you without any pressure then that is more likely the love that your cousin really wants from you. Pay attention to the signs that your cousin likes you will soon know if your theory is right or wrong.

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