4 Reasons Why the Love of My Life Left Me Alone

Why the love of my life left me alone is a question that I ponder on often as a married man. Although it is difficult to pinpoint an answer to the question, there are some common threads I can point out to you as a divorced man who has found himself in the position of being without his woman.

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When a loved one leaves you, there are many emotions that you may experience such as anger, hurt, confusion, sadness and loneliness. After experiencing all these emotions and feelings, it can be very overwhelming when you try to put your attention on finding a new partner to replace the one that left you, but here are 4 reasons why the love of my life left me alone:


4 Reasons the Love of My Life Left Me

Why the love of my life left me? When my love of a life left me it was like a weight lifting device. I could not move or feel anything. It was as if my whole being had been shattered. Losing the love of my life left me broke, sad and angry. I felt like I had lost an entire world.

Before my love left me there were other reasons for leaving. Maybe I was feeling pressure from above or below me in some way. Maybe I was having problems with someone or something. But when the love of my life left me there were certain things I could relate to the event.

There were many reasons that people leave relationships. But the most common reasons are one: the love was not strong enough. And two: the love of that person is just not enough. Sometimes we base our love on reasons that are only superficial.

The reason the love of my life left me was not because it was no longer “mine”. It was not no longer my responsibility. I did not have to do anything to keep it or make it work. I did not have to take responsibility for my own happiness.

the love of my life left me
the love of my life left me quotes

After losing the love of my life the question to answer was why I felt so empty. I thought that I was not feeling complete. I felt like something was missing from me. Something was missing in the love of my life. This is when I decided to do something about my love. I decided that I would have to change myself in order to have the love of my life back.

When I began to work on myself, it was not easy. I spent many years trying to fix the love of my life. In the process I found that there were some flaws in me that I had tried to cover up with my insecurities and fears. One day I came upon a book by Richard Carlson called “Why Are We Evil?” The title itself triggered memories from my childhood. The book resonated with the “unseen” part of me and the part of me that wanted to love more than anything else.

When I read the book I was determined to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. The first step I took was to become more confident in who I was as a person. Once I realized how wonderful I really was, I set my sights on changing the love of my life. After doing this I slowly began to attract more women into my life. It is when I started doing this that I understood the “the cause” of the love of my life leaving me.

If you are feeling lost and depressed because you are in the middle of a breakup then this is for you. You are not alone; millions of people around the world are in the same exact boat as you are in right now. There is hope for those of you who want the love of your life back, you just need to get back in control of your own life again. Don’t allow the “love of your life” to leave you without a fight.

the love of my life left me
the love of my life left me quotes

The first reason why I said “the love of my life left me” is because she treated me poorly. This is something that happens all the time in relationships, but to be so blunt about it makes you seem even worse. The “love of my life” didn’t treat me like I deserved or treat others the way they deserved to be treated. It made things worse when we broke up. She was always angry at me, so much so that I quit having faith in her. I needed to believe in myself more than she did, because if I didn’t I wouldn’t have any self-esteem left.

The second reason the love of my life left me is because she lacked confidence in herself. You see, if you lack self-confidence then you won’t be able to attract the kind of women you want. The only way to get confidence is by improving yourself and gaining more knowledge on an area of your life that you are unsure of. This is something that she couldn’t do. Her life revolved around her career and she had no time for anything else. So whenever I tried to talk to her about her own interests she would shut down the conversation.

The third reason the love of my life left me is because she had no idea how to create the kind of relationship that men want. It’s not that men don’t want a relationship with a woman. It’s that most women don’t know how to create it. If you want to get the love of your life back, you have to show her how it was done right.

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