When Friends Don’t Like Your Posts – How To Change That

When Friends Don’t Like Your Posts, what should do?Is it hard to make friends when you are in the real world? No, I think not. Social media is a great way to keep up with people in your life when they share similar interests with you. However, when it comes to posting comments on someone else’s blog or commenting on a status update, many times friends will distance themselves. There are many reasons why people do this but the main one is because they feel as though their comments don’t add value.

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When Friends Don’t Like Your Posts If you want to have an impact on people and gain their respect then you need to be able to connect to them on a real level. When you comment on someone’s blog or post on their status update, you must provide some value. If you just show up to comment and leave a link to your blog post or status update then you are not providing any value. People can tell when you don’t add value. When friends don’t like your posts, they will start to ignore you will lose their trust.

If you are able to provide something of value, make sure you do it consistently. Don’t post random comments every now and then. Write blog posts that are relevant to the posts and people will read them. The more you put into social media the better that people will respond. It’s important that you don’t spam people; however, if you follow a few simple rules then people will love what you write.

Sometimes when people comment on your posts, they don’t actually understand what you are trying to say. That’s OK, because most people don’t. You only have so many words to say in a sentence. If you don’t know what your talking about then don’t say anything. This is the same rule in real life as it is when using social media. When people don’t know what you are talking about they will usually click away.

If you want to build trust among your friends then you should avoid posting comments that seem controversial or are over the top. These types of posts turn people off fast. You also need to be careful how you word things online. Some people think that being politically correct is mean. It’s not; however, you shouldn’t use any swear words when you are online.

friends who never like your posts
when friends don’t like your posts

When friends don’t like your posts If you want people to come back to your blog posts or status updates then you need to provide informative posts. When you start to sound like you are a teacher rather than a student then people will see that you have a lot of information to offer. If you start sounding like you are more or less a teacher than an authority then people will see that as a bad idea. If you have real life experience people will see that you are qualified to speak on real life issues. You may not always agree with someone but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t share your opinions.

Sometimes people think that when friends don’t like your posts that they actually liked them. You should never make this type of mistake, because people will see that as an attack. They will start to pull back and not give your posts or comments on the time of day. This is something that happens every day and if you don’t stop it in its tracks then it can become a real problem.

You can avoid turning people off when friends don’t like your posts by creating posts that are of interest to them. If you are into real life situations then share that through online social media. If you aren’t interested in what’s going on in real life then just stick to your normal blog. There are plenty of opportunities out there for you to get more social media marketing traffic when you post your posts.

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