Why Did She Block Me? The Answer May Shock You

She blocked me for no reason? Why did my girl blocked me on Facebook and on snap chat? She sent me a message on facebook, “Hey babe, look I just saw some comments about you in your newsfeed. They are pretty rude aren’t they?” She blocked me on snap chat because she was upset at me or because she wanted to see who she was chatting with on snap chat?

She is gone now, but why did she block me? She may have blocked me because of some reason or other, but why did she block me? Was it because I criticized her on twitter, was it because of something I said on facebook, was it because I wrote mean things about her on twitter or was it because I criticized her on one of her minnett posts (a mini biography) on twitter? The only thing that I know for sure is that she is no longer spending any time on my page, but I still want to know what she is up to.

If I go through my sister’s phone book, I will probably find the number of why did she block me on Facebook. I can also look through her phone records to see what numbers were used by her when she blocked me. Did she write these notes to herself while she was on social media? Was she deleting them as she deleted them? Did she send me any of these messages to unblock her?

I have looked through her phone records and I think I have a pretty good idea of what she was doing when she blocked me. I think she might have been looking at pictures on Facebook of our house when she messaged me last. Did she send me some pictures of our house? And did she write anything else on her cell phone as she was messaging with someone?

she blocked me for no reason
why did she block me

She may have been sending me messages to “unblock” me, but why did she feel like she needed to unblock me? Why did she feel like this was an opportunity for her to get back at me? Did she actually think that I would call her back after four years and tell her why did she block me? Did she even know that I was blocked? I feel like she doesn’t even remember me blocking her in the first place.

The reason why she blocked me was because I messaged her Snapchats when we were talking in one of her favorite social media channels. She didn’t know that Snapchats are not real and she deleted the message before I even got a chance to show her who I am. So when I messaged her later on in the day, she deleted the Snapchats and I missed it. This is why she blocked me.

I don’t think she even remembered why she blocked me the last time we were on Snapchat or Facebook. She definitely didn’t remember because I talked about it the very next day on our instagram page. She also doesn’t remember why she deleted the message the very next day on our instagram page either. So when I messaged her last time and I started explaining why did she block me, she deleted the message again.

In fact, she even deletes all her instagram pictures after they are tagged. So now, she has millions of people with fake boobs on instagram because she’s afraid to post a good photo of herself in a bikini. That is why the reason why the why did she block me is so important. I am not trying to attack her or make her feel bad. I just want her to wake up from her insecurities and realize that there are more attractive things in life than looking for why did she block me on instagram, posting crappy photos, and being a worthless human being.

Why Did She Block Me? 3 Reasons Why Women Do This

So, why did she block me? When you ask yourself, “Why did she block me?” you need to understand the communication patterns that led up to this. If you can discover and change your own behavior when she blocks you then you will have the best chance of mending the situation. How exactly do you approach this question when she blocks you?

Communication patterns are all too easy to develop when you are dealing with other people, especially those who seem like they want nothing to do with you. When she blocks you in every way possible, she’s sending you a clear message. She wants you to realize that there aren’t any second chances, and that there wont be. She’s done with the social media part of the relationship, and she doesn’t want to see you again, at least not in the future.

You need to change the way you respond to her, and the way she reacts to you when she blocks you. When you block someone and they ask why, you should answer with something like, “Because you just don’t strike me as being someone I could ever be friends with, even though we’ve always been close. I realize that you’re frustrated with me, but I’m going to give you a piece of advice: block away.” That’s how to deal with when she blocks you, but when she blocks you try to reason with her, you only make things worse.

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